You Have To Prove Yourself?

You have to prove yourself? No matter where you go or what you do you have to prove yourself each and every day to yourself and others. How do you plan on doing that? Let me ask you again, how do you plan on doing that? Who are you proving yourself too? Your manager, your […]

There Are Just Two Pains In Life: Which One Will You Choose?

      Recently as we were with one of our coaches, Brent Turley, he was talking to us about the pains that we face in life. He pulled out his phone, dialed his teenage son and asked him this one simple question, “What are the two pains in life?” His son, quickly, without hesitation […]

Build A Foundation For Sustainable Wellness

How many times have you been tempted to try the next quick-fix idea when it comes to wellness? How much time, money and energy have you wasted on getting quick fix results that slowly faded away as soon as you went back to your old habits. We often get focused on superficial goals of weight […]

How To Embrace A “Lopsided Life” With Randi Zuckerberg

  Do you feel like your life is constantly lopsided no matter how hard you try to find balance?   Maybe…just maybe, learning to embrace being lopsided actually is the solution!   What if living a lopsided life from day-to-day is the most efficient path to a balanced life?   We had the opportunity to spend […]

Can Movement Really Boost Your Productivity Making You Better In Business?

How Fitness Makes You Better In Business We all know that fitness is critical to keeping our bodies healthy but what about our business? Movement has a direct link to productivity in both our personal and professional lives! A regular movement routine has  FOUR amazing benefits when it comes to business, making it a critical component […]

How A 6-Year-Old’s Dental Visit Can Show You A Simple Life Lesson…

A Simple Life Lesson From a 6-Year-Old I was taking our daughter to the dentist this morning and it was much more of an ordeal than I had anticipated. During breakfast, she was worried about cavities and when we were ready to leave her stomach got upset and she started crying. We asked her why […]

What Is The Most POWERFUL Word In The World?

What if there was just ONE word that could change everything? Do you ever wonder what leads us to make decisions in our lives? What leads us to make changes? Where do we get the inspiration to create new ideas and new products? How do we attract others to purchase our products or services? What […]

Is Your Life An Perfect Example Of Synchronicity And Flow? It Can Be…

Is your life a perfect example of synchronicity and flow? Often times we believe that life is happening to us and feel trapped or stuck in our current situation. But what if, just what if the experience we are having, good or bad, is leading us exactly where we need to go? Watch the video […]

Can You Really Think Yourself Thin?

Using Mind Over Matter To Beat Cravings and Gain Control of Your Food We all know too well that midafternoon slump that can find its way into the 3 o’clock hour and leave us searching for an energy boost. Often that leads us to cravings for sweet or salty snacks that generally do not serve […]