They Suck The Life Right Out Of You!

There are people that do suck the life right out of you. Most of you know the people I mean and sometimes you don’t even know who is sucking the life right out of you. Some of them are from work, some are your relatives, some are your clients and some live in your own home.

What if I came into your home and started emptying the trash can throughout your house. What would you do? I would imagine first your eyes would be bulging out of your eye sockets like a cartoon wondering what is your problem. After that, I would either get punched, tossed out of your house or the police would come. So why would you let someone throw garbage in your mind? We let people do it every day and we do nothing about it. You may say we don’t have control over them. This is kind of true, but you can train people on how to interact with you and you can control how you react.

What is the solution?

You need to surround yourself with positive people that are looking out for your well being or let’s just say not sounding like a tabloid magazine. Make sure you are hanging around the people that will uplift your day and not bring it down. Too many times you walk into a room, office or anywhere and all you hear is negative anything. It’s like watching the news on television…not much is good news. There is also a difference between having a good conversation about real events and bringing everyone down.

Here is an example…you walk into work and the first thing you hear is, “What a miserable day it is outside.” and “When is it ever going to get better?” or “When is this company ever going to_____?”. You get it. This is not going to make your day awesome.

These people are crabby. If you put a crab in a bucket, do you know how to keep the crab inside…put another crab with it. The one crab will continue to pull down the other crab. There is no way out. If you do find these crabby people, turn it around and make it positive. Don’t fall into that trap. Be the example.

A good rule of thumb is this…if someone is not at least 80 % positive then don’t hang around them. If you hang around with these people then you will become your environment. This goes very well into what comes next and we know you are thinking it. What if they are constantly in my life and I can’t avoid them. This is where you need to step up to the plate and let people know that you are changing the way you think and you want to surround yourself with positive people.

Here is a personal example. I love my mother very much and would do anything for her, but she is a very negative person. Whenever I went to visit her afterward I would feel like my life was sucked out from me. After I saw this pattern, I knew something had to change. I politely told her that almost every time I see her all I hear is negative and it does not make me feel good. I told her that I need more positive energy. I told her this is what I will do. If you start going negative on me, I will let you know politely. If it continues, I will have to leave. At first, she was surprised that she was negative, as you will find with many people, but then something changed. All of this started to unfold and a few times I politely left and then she started to change. WOW!

You can make an impact and change people for the good. You need to help yourself first.

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