Can You Really Think Yourself Thin?

Using Mind Over Matter To Beat Cravings and Gain Control of Your Food We all know too well that midafternoon slump that can find its way into the 3 o’clock hour and leave us searching for an energy boost. Often that leads us to cravings for sweet or salty snacks that generally do not serve […]

Hotel Travel Series – Move to Prosper

The Hotel Travel Series Gives You The Power To Break Through Travel Challenges We have been right where you are with hotel travel, front and center in our lives and all the challenges that go right along with it! With Craig having over 25 years of business travel and Jenny over 15 years, we know […]

Are you still searching for HOW? Ask yourself WHY!

Are You Looking For The How? Now that spring is in the air here in PA, and it is time to put on our short and short sleeves, everyone is talking about getting in shape and losing weight. It certainly isn’t new for any of us because after all, the majority of our population goes […]