Is Your Life An Perfect Example Of Synchronicity And Flow? It Can Be…

Is your life a perfect example of synchronicity and flow? Often times we believe that life is happening to us and feel trapped or stuck in our current situation. But what if, just what if the experience we are having, good or bad, is leading us exactly where we need to go? Watch the video […]

Having A Bad Day? 3 Proven Strategies To Turn It Around

So You’re Having A Bad Day… It happens to all of us at some point. No one is immune from waking up sometimes on the wrong side of the bed, feeling cranky, down, depressed, tired, or just a little out of sorts. Mood changes are a natural part of being human. What isn’t natural is […]


  SO WHAT IS MINDFULNESS ANYWAY? We hear the term used over and over again, MINDFULNESS…but what does it really mean anyway? Many would describe mindfulness as having awareness of what is going on both externally and internally during our present situation. With mindfulness comes the ability to be locked into the present moment, not […]