What if there was just ONE word that could change everything?

Do you ever wonder what leads us to make decisions in our lives? What leads us to make changes? Where do we get the inspiration to create new ideas and new products? How do we attract others to purchase our products or services? What happens in a relationship that makes us want to marry and stay together forever?

There is just one word that is responsible for all of this! The most powerful word in the world that without it, we would have, well, NOTHING!

So what is that word? The one word that is responsible for all creativity, for all new ideas, for passionate decision making, for leading our prospects through a sales process?

The Power To “Imagine” In You

Why is the word imagine so powerful?

Without the ability to imagine, we lose the ability to create the new. Every idea that any one has ever had for anything new has started with one thing. They had the ability to imagine it. Think about that for a moment. Everything we know, big or small that has been created in our universe first had to be imagined by someone. It is so critical in our everyday lives that we take that time to go a quiet place in our minds, away from all distractions and take the time to just imagine.

Imagine if you could make an impact in the world, what would that look like?

Imagine being in the most beautiful place in the world, what would that look like to you?

Imagine if you could be doing anything you wanted to do right now, what would that look like?

Imagine if you started treating your body with the complete respect it deserves every day, how would you feel?

Imagine that you have no fears, what would you do differently in your life?

Imagine what your ideal business would look like if you created it exactly as you desire, what would it look like?

Imagine if you got to your ideal health and weight, how would your daily life and your relationships change?

Imagine you had the perfect relationship, what does that look like?

Imagine you had more energy and were more productive every day, how would that impact your business and your life?

You can see how the list can go on and on and on.  I could keep going but you get the idea. Our ability to imagine these things is what allows us to “FEEL” deep down inside what it would be like when this happens. It creates a strong energy around the feeling and creates a deep emotional connection. Through your imagination, when you feel the strongest emotional connections is when you will take action and create these things in your life, not only for yourself but to help others.

So, DARE TO IMAGINE! When you dare to imagine, your life begins to change in ways you never thought possible!

The Power Of “Imagine” In Persuasion

Imagine is not just powerful in our ability to create, but is also the most powerful persuasion tool in the world. It is not until you can get a prospect to imagine that you can turn them into a client. You must show them the benefits of your product or service so clearly that they are able to “Imagine” how their life will change when they invest. This is extremely powerful and can be done in several ways.

  1. Strengthen their IMAGINATION with experience

    •  When was the last time you went to a car dealership? Do you remember what they did to help you imagine what it would be like if you owned that brand new car? Yes! They sent you out on a test drive! Why did they do that? Well, of course, they wanted you to see how the car drives, play with all the buttons, test the power of the engine, see if it is comfortable, but go deeper! They want you to IMAGINE what it would be like to drive around in that car every day. What it would feel like (who doesn’t feel good sporting a brand new, clean car?). IMAGINE what you will look like in that brand new car. IMAGINE how much more comfortable and peaceful it will be for that long drive on vacation when the kids have a brand new DVD player in the back and wifi to connect their devices.
    • I remember the last time I went just 18 months ago. The rep at the dealership had worked with me before and she knew I was hesitant to make the move out of the SUV I had because I absolutely loved it, but it needed some work done that was going to be quite expensive so I was looking to upgrade to a new model of the same one. Being able to sense my hesitation, she knew exactly what she had to do. The sale would be a done deal if she could get me to IMAGINE what it would be like to really own that new SUV. After my test drive, without even discussing the price, she said, “I’ll tell you what, why don’t you take it home for the night and bring it back tomorrow. Have your husband take it out for a spin, let the kids ride in it and see if it fits in your garage as well as the old one. Bring it back tomorrow and if  you like it, we can talk numbers.” I bet you can IMAGINE the rest of the story. I laid in bed that night at home, visualizing that brand new SUV parked in the garage below my bedroom all night long and could not IMAGINE ever parking my old model back in that same spot again. Sure enough, the old one never came back home and the new one is parked out there as I type!
    • The power of getting your client to try or experience your product or service will strengthen their ability to IMAGINE what their life would be like with the benefits you make available.
  2. Ask Them To IMAGINE

    • Many times it isn’t possible with a service or product to let the prospect experience the benefits. Our wording when we are talking to them can be just as powerful. Using the word “IMAGINE” with prospects is the most powerful word you can use. Become an excellent story teller and walk them through a story that illustrates the benefits all along asking them to IMAGINE how experiences, feelings, and changes like that would change their life.
    • A great example is someone that is working with a weight loss client. You clearly can not give them the experience of losing the weight before they actually lose it. Asking them to IMAGINE how their life will change after they lose the weight is an extremely powerful tool, not only to get them to buy, but this is the power behind actually helping them to commit and stick to the disciplines necessary to see positive results. They must see the bigger picture very clearly in their IMAGINATION. Weight is not about the number on the scale. What does it really mean if the scale says 160 or 180? Nothing! They are just numbers. BUT…those numbers translate into higher self-esteem and self-confidence, better health, more energy, feeling more attractive for our partner, wearing clothes that we desire, a sense of accomplishment, and the list goes on and on. So you have to get them to IMAGINE these changes in their life to reach an emotional connection to the results they can achieve.


Dare to IMAGINE today.  Make this a daily practice in your life that has nothing but positive benefits as long as you IMAGINE the good that is possible! Who knows what you will create. The world is waiting on you! IMAGINE what your life will be like when you begin to IMAGINE new possibilities.



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