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Greg Sproul, Gridiron Equity Partners, Pittsburgh, PA

Jacques Sassin, Entrepreneur, South Africa

Raluca Laura, Founder at IMPACT2C, Paris France

Susanne Rey, Retail Ops & Leadership Expert, Frankfurt, Germany

Clayton Tierney, Property Broker, Queensland, Australia

Benjamin Tai, Orthodontist, Australia

Marc Morozumi, YogaMukunda, San Francisco, CA

Jenny Terzano

Jeanna Terzano

Edith Miaskowski

Jeremy and Valerie Prasetyo, Crypto Currency and Property Investors, World Champion Ballroom Dancers, Germany

Michael Boyd, Real Estate, Houston, TX

Helen Williams, Property Investor, UK

Evelyn Greenwood, Woodstone Properties, Baton Rouge, LA

Laura Gossayn, Property Broker, Cape Town, South Africa

Charlotte Hagard, LinkedIn Expert, Stockholm, Sweden

Tafara Pulse, Business Coach, Seattle, WA

Jeff Fallon, Business Coach, San Diego, CA

Christina McMaster

Fillipo Morici

Nicholas Miaskowski

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