Holiday Stress Reduced In Four Simple Steps

Do you ever feel like the holidays are literally killing you? From the overindulgence of food to the endless list of duties that you feel you will never get finished to keep up with tradition, your neighbors and the expectations everyone else around you has set for you!

Instead of just checking off the boxes this year, what if you could shift the way you look at it and only do the things that have true meaning behind them.

Now you can!

Yes, You Need A Coach And This Is Why!

Coaching harnesses everything you have to make you so much more powerful then you ever thought you could be. It brings your you out…your essence, your flare, your inner abilities. You have everything you need. You just need someone to put it all together for you like a puzzle. What is the most important piece […]

I Don’t Have Enough Time Is Your Biggest Excuse

I don’t have enough time is a limiting belief that is holding you back The old world of thinking is time management. The new world thinking is energy management. Would you agree that we have all said, “I ran out of time.” or “I don’t have enough time.”? It’s etched in our vocabulary. They roll off […]

Be More, Do More, Have More In 5 Simple Steps Each Day

  The Reality All too often we are looking outside of ourselves to feel like we are MORE in life. We think that once we have more, somehow we will feel more. In reality, it is quite the opposite. If we can be more and do more we will feel more and this will result […]

Hitting The Reset Button

How many of you hit the reset button on January 1? We are talking about the New Years resolutions. Now here is the follow-up question…how many of you are still following those resolutions? We waited for a little over 30 days from the new year to ask these questions so you can think a little […]

Vampires Do Exist…

They Suck The Life Right Out Of You! There are people that do suck the life right out of you. Most of you know the people I mean and sometimes you don’t even know who is sucking the life right out of you. Some of them are from work, some are your relatives, some are […]