Julie Clarke

As is the case with many who enter the health and wellness field, Julie gained interest in nutrition as a result of a family health challenge. Her sister, at a very young age, was diagnosed with colon cancer. Determined not to blindly follow the physician’s recommendations as to the drugs and toxic treatments that were standard practice, they embarked on a journey to learn all they could about ways in which they could restore her health through a strong nutritional program. Thankfully, her sister not only survived the disease, but has flourished as a result of the dietary practices they began, and have continued, since the onset of her diagnosis.

For over 20 years now, Julie has been actively involved in the field of health, wellness and nutrition. She strived to learn all she could for her family’s personal benefit, and then began sharing her knowledge with others to assist them in living healthier, happier lives. Her passion turned into a career, and she became a Certified Nutritional Consultant, and later, a licensed Phlebotomy Technician. Julie’s one frustration was that many of her clients expected a “quick fix” to their health or weight challenge. Despite her best efforts to assure them that the program established for them would work, many lost interest when the results weren’t readily felt or visible within the timeframe they expected. That is when she began studying, then performing, Epigenetic Hair and Live Cell Analysis. These systems not only provided comprehensive tools to easily identify and show the physiological and environmental influences present in the individual’s body, but it also provided an personal, and very specific “roadmap” for each client.

Julie says; “I live each day seeking knowledge, best practices and ways in which I can continue to help others be the best they can be in nutrition and health. My motto is this – “We all will age – I choose to age well and live a healthier life… by design.”