Jesse Levitt

Chief Financial Officer

Jesse Levitt grew up in Rockland County, New York, with a dream like many kids of playing professional baseball. When he learned he did not make his college baseball team at The University of Maryland, he became heavily involved and dedicated to Greek life, creating friendships and bonds that have lasted more than 20 years and counting. His college relationships helped form business connections and a deep interest in philanthropy.

There is a theme of loyalty and dedication when it comes to Jesse. He has created a successful career with 21 years at OppenheimerFunds, climbing the ladder and continuing to reach professional goals.

He has two beautiful children, a wife he loves and prides himself on being the family man he is. Jesse is especially proud to have successfully balanced work and life over the years, due to his ability to prioritize.

He feels parenting is by far the hardest job in the world but for him, family is still a priority. He is aware that there is no perfect parent but does an excellent job of practicing what he preaches. Jesse has a close relationship with his 14-year-old son and 12 year-old daughter, educating them about the importance of education and demonstrating the qualities of being a good person.

Jesse also understands the importance of passion, hobbies and having something to call his own. His love for music and sports help keep him grounded.

Jesse considers himself a master of moderation and often inspires others with his unique ability. This skill is one reason for his success, both in business, as a dad and a husband. Jesse can discover common ground with anyone he comes in contact with, playing center field, if you will, while conquering the art of compromise. As we all know, parenting can be one big negotiation.

When Jesse learned of The Mommy Masters® brand expanding into Parent U Up by Mommy Masters® and beyond, he immediately took interest, uncovering ways to partner and assist. Jesse is a wonderful addition to the Board of Directors. His experience and dedication to his family, his work and his passions will serve as a role model to all.