Dr. Adam Bressler

Chief Philanthropy Officer

Adam Bressler is a role-model for all parents. He, along with many working moms and dads, have been faced with balancing work and life, often leading to failure. However, Adam’s failure became his success story.
A well-known dentist in Clearwater, Florida, Adam was faced with a health issue that changed his life. The pain he was enduring impacted his business and his family life, forcing him to take a step back and a closer look at it all. As a father, Adam received his strength from his daughter, helping him to alter his lifestyle. She was not getting any younger but wiser, in need of her father’s presence.

The crisis Adam experienced did not ruin his life, but enhanced it. He chose to look at the glass half full and continues to find ways to fill it up today. He is a big advocate for exercise as a healing tool, discovering a passion for CrossFit, a fitness regimen he gives credit to for rebuilding his health. He has learned that exercise can play a huge role in family dynamics, including parenting, moral and health. Adam is now able to share his story and help those facing diversities in their own lives. His experience enables him to provide the right tools to those who feel broken. Parent U Up by Mommy Masters® is the perfect platform for Adam to do just that.