Craig Dumnich &
Jennifer Markle Dumnich


Craig and Jenny D bring you personalized solutions to the challenges you face each day when you ask the question, “How are you showing up for yourself, your business and your relationships?” Our passion is to redefine how you are showing up each day for your success from a holistic perspective to find ultimate vitality, wealth and freedom.

As the co-founders of Craig and Jenny D, they guide highly successful entrepreneurs, executives and companies from around the globe, to amplify their results by identifying and removing barriers to the individuals personal and professional success.

We understand the impact that each person has on the development of today’s children from our experience raising five children in a blended family. We are on a mission to help individuals reach their full potential, so together we can build stronger generations to come.

They have learned first-hand, after 33 years combined experience as financial executives and a journey through life-threatening illness, that your true wealth potential lies in the health of your entire success matrix, including body, mind, business, relationships and finances. When you begin with a creation of personal awareness and then create sustainable wellness strategies for the individual, as well as the family or business team, all can soar to new heights of success.

Through their personalized coaching programs, total immersion retreats, wellness consulting, corporate development and event training workshops, and motivational keynotes, they have proven results in taking lives to a new level of accomplishment, family tranquility, financial success and personal fulfillment! Their footprint expands globally across four continents and 12 countries.