Charles Milton

President & Co-Founder

Charles Milton grew up in Newark, NJ and was raised by a single mother, at a time and place where it was common for fathers to be absent from the household.

Charles is a product of the streets and took part in illegal activities as a youth, not knowing any other way. At the age of 17 he realized that life could offer him other options, despite his current circumstances.

He decided to join the Navy, staying in the military for 8 years as a combat veteran. After being stationed aboard the USS Missouri BB63 and then in Groton, CT, Charles worked in the IT field for 8 years, gaining a Masters in Management Information Systems from the University of Connecticut.

Charles witnessed the struggles his friends and family faced in the past which lead him to pursue a career as a drug & alcohol counselor. He finds work extremely rewarding when he can help someone change their life for the better.

His upbringing without a father has led him to work with men who are learning what roles they play in their own family. Helping them become a better parent, without assuming a lesser role than taught, is important to Charles.

People make mistakes but it is a beautiful thing when something positive can come out of it. Change is not easy and the road to getting there can be rough, but when we take a step back and alter our life choices, it can impact ourselves and our families in a tremendous way.

Charles is very excited about his role with Parent U Up, by Mommy Masters® and sees the unique business as a catalyst to reinventing parenting skills within the home.

Charles continues to make positive impacts on his clients’ lives and those he mentors.