Brad Michaels

Chairman, CEO & Founder

Brad Michaels is the Chairman, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Parent U Up. When life throws you curve balls and you are not properly prepared, mistakes can be made that you cannot take back. You can, however, learn from your mistakes and create something beautiful out of such imbalance. When Brad was faced with adversity as a result of a dysfunctional marriage, he took accountability for his participation and chose to make progress. The truth will always set you free. He recalls telling his mother that he wanted to make sure something good came out of such unfortunate circumstances, only in the interest of educating the next generation.

We all live with the consequences of our actions and while the past cannot be erased, it can lead us down a positive path and become a gateway to making a dent in the globe. Brad’s two children, Ellie & Jack, possess a passion for helping others. They have paved the path through the CT Food Bank for this youth philanthropy movement.

By creating Parent U Up, Brad is empowering others to adopt and apply these philosophies and create their own joy. Founded in 2010, he has now combined Ellie’s creativity, his children’s inspiration, and his vision to lead the path into our future. Here’s to progress.